Year: 2020

  • Prairie Public News Features Nancy Joyner

    Tuesday, May 26 — During the crisis, people are home and spending more time with families. It’s the perfect time to talk about what they want in the event they become incapacitated. Listen online as Nancy Joyner provides education about advance care planning.

  • POLST Conversations and Implementation

    Join a free Zoom session to discuss implementing POLST: Portable Medical Orders Training into your organization. Sessions will be held once monthly through September. Attendance will be limited to 10 people per session, so get registered right away! Register Today Who Should Attend? This training is intended for advanced practice nurses, nurses, social workers, chaplains,…

  • Pearls of POLST

    The Pearls of POLST: Translating Patient Decisions into Treatment OrdersSince the POLST: Portable Medical Orders Training Paradigm began in 1991, POLST has become utilized throughout the United States. POLST includes the national POLST Paradigm as well as state and regional programs and their specific POLST orders. Yet many nurses may not have received the education…